Courses offered at Saranac Jr./Sr. High School

The AP Language and Composition course focuses on rhetorical analysis and of non-fiction texts and the development and revision of well-reasoned, evidence-centered analytic and argumentative writing (CollegeBoard).  In other words, we will read and write a lot.

Advanced Placement World History (APWH or WHAP) is a chance to study the story of how our world came to be the way it is today. The course will cover events that have shaped our world from 8000 BCE to the present and is truly global in scope with Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania each represented. WHAP is for motivated students and is taught on the college level – it therefore requires much more homework, more reading, and more extensive writing assignments than the average high school course. 

7th grade science is an integration of all sciences.  Students will learn through inquiry based activities and hands on learning.  Supplemental instruction and tasks will be completed through this site.

This section deals with Statistics

World History

Welcome to World History.  In this class we will examine how the history of the world, from the beginnings to the present, has influenced our current times.  Students will learn how to read, write, and think critically through history. 

Mr. Fountain's Social Studies class, a study of the Eastern Hemisphere.  Includes the study of the following:

Ancient Times



The Pacific