Topic outline

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  • Topic 1

    Greenfield Village

    Fieldtrip Information

  • Topic 2

  • Topic 3

    • Dig Into Reading

    • Students need to have 2 AR books for Reader's Workshop.

      Students also need a picture book to read to their Kindergarten reading buddy. It needs to be in their reading range.

  • Topic 4

    • Writing

    • Essay Writing Unit: Writing a Persuasive Essay

      • Read Essays
      • Choose a Topic
      • Write a Thesis Statement
      • Write Angled Evidence to Support a Thesis
      • Use Transition Words to Connect Supporting Evidence
      • Revise/Edit/Publish

  • Topic 5

    • spelling


    • Weekly Assignments:

      Monday - Writtern Word Sort.

      Tuesday - Partner Word Sort

      Wednesday - Speed Sort at home

      Thursday - Write Words

      Friday - Test

  • Topic 6

    • Science
    • Energy Unit

      Forms of Energy: Heat, Light, Sound, Electircal, Movement (Mechanical)

      Transfer of Energy

      Building Electical Circuits

      Building an Electromagnet

  • Topic 7

    • Social Studies
    • Regions

      Our next units will be on each region of the United States. For each region we will be learning the characteristics of the region and the names and places of each state in the region. Each unit will be 2 weeks long. One week will be studying the characteristics of the region. Then we will return to studying science for the next week, giving students a week to study for the test on that region. Tests will cover the following:

      • Identifying states on a map.
      • Identifying important landforms in the region.
      • Identifying important economic activity in the region.
      • Identifying factors that draw people to the region.
      • Identifying factors that cause people to move away from the region.

      Northeast Region Test - April 27th